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EASA & UK Class 1/2/3

Medical Examinations


Aviation Medicine


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I am authorised for EASA Medicals for pilots  in addition to the UK CAA

Dr Mark Sandler

Aviation Medical Examiner

I have been a GP in Hertfordshire for 32 years, ​having qualified in medicine at Sheffield University in 1984 my interest in aviation was fuelled by my late father-in-law who flew for many decades in classics such as Viscounts/Heralds/707/146 Avro RJ .

I am an experienced AME having trained in Aviation Medicine initially at RAF Farnborough in 1989 and proceeded to obtain a distinction in the Advanced Aviation Medicine training course in 2003.

I offer medicals in Harpenden and a monthly clinic at North Weald Flight Training school.

I work with all major airlines including easyJet, BA,
Virgin Atlantic, TUI,Wizzair Jet2 and Ryanair.

You can pay by bank transfer, debit or credit card, Apple Pay or Apple watch.
Dr Mark Sandler

EASA/UK Class One Initial

Your Initial Medical must be performed by a registered Aeromedical Centre in central London or Gatwick, we can point you in the right direction, and when it comes to your renewal, we can contact you to arrange an appointment with us.

EASA/UK Class One

A class 1 medical consists of a thorough health check, urine sample test, visual examination and blood test, they typically take one hour to complete. Additional tests as required by the CAA can include an ECG and audiogram.

EASA/UK Class Two

A class 2 medical is needed to fly privately and your instructor will advise you when this is needed prior to going solo. This takes around an hour to complete including much of that detailed for class 1 status above. 

EASA/UK Class Three

A class 3 medical is needed for ATCOs. This takes around an hour to complete including much of that detailed for class 1 status above. 


What to bring to your appointment...

  • Photo ID : Passport or Driving Licence

  • Glasses or Contact Lenses (DO NOT WEAR contacts to the appt

  • Any Medication

  • Details of any Significant Medical History 

  • Hard Copy of Med 160 application form



Aviation Medicine


Aviation Medicine

39 Oakfield Road



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Useful Docs

Useful Documents

Pilot questionnaire to be completed before all UK medical appts.

Instructions for creating a new CELLMA Portal Account.

Pilot questionnaire to be completed before all EASA medical appts.

Opthalmology form to be completed by optician - as advised. 

Official CAA table of validity periods for certificates and examinations.

GDPR Consent form.

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